Dowel Rods

Hardwood dowels made of white birch, maple or ash can be used for decoration, support, markers, flag poles and much more. A must have for the crafter or woodworker. Available in 1/8" diameter up to 3" diameter. Our Wooden dowel shorts are an economic way to create your DIY project. From build ladders and perches for your feathered friend, wedding wands, wall hangings, children's crafts and more, they are perfect when you don't need a 36" length - available in 1/8" to 5/8" diameter.

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1" x 36" Walnut Dowels Rod - Each

1" x 36" Walnut Dowels Rod - Each

1" x 36" Unfinished American Made Walnut Dowel Rod - EachSold individually. Quantity Discounts ..


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